Some of the issues our partners deal with on infrastructure projects is exposure to potential airborne chemicals; and other forms of physical hazards to workers and the environment. The proper assessment and quantification of these environmental risks is the cornerstone to achieving a safely executed project for our clients.

The following highlights our Consulting Services:

Environmental Site Assessments (Phase II & III).

Site Investigation/Characterization and Risk Assessment.

Asbestos Compliance Plans.

Environmental Audits, Approvals and Compliance.

Storm water Sampling and Analysis.

Sampling and Testing of water, wastewater, chemicals, soil, etc..

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning (SWPPP).

Water Quality Monitoring.

Water Quality Sampling and Analysis..

Industrial Hygiene.

Asbestos Compliance Plans and Abatement Oversight.

Air Monitoring..

Health and Safety Plans and Oversight.

Worker Exposure Assessment.

OSHA Compliance Audits.

Solid Waste Management Planning.

Lead Compliance Plans.